All designs here are original and created by myself.

Please feel free to view the links to for instructions to build my projects.

 LeD Spidies-

This Instructable will show you how to put together some LeD Spidies.

They are simple to make and fun to hide in dark corners for guests to find.

I have tried to keep this simple and to the point for the younger viewers.

 How to Shim-Proof a Padlock-

The basic idea is to craft a simple insert to apply to the locks mechanism, which occupies the space exploited by the "shim" technique.

LeD RGB Cube Lights- 

In this Instructable I will show you how to produce your own Battery powered Stackable RGB LeD Cube Lights.

They provide portable RGB mood lighting to any environment. Their compact design allows for a multitude of different applications. Make more than one and you have you own interactive art work right there in your living room.

How to Maintain your Multi-tool-

Left your favorite Multi-tool outside? Rusted?
Or just not opening smoothly...
Here's how to fix and maintain it.

Your Multi-tool may not be similar... but the same guide can be followed.

LeD Light Glove- 

Yes, yes it is a glove with high powered LeD's in it.

Yes I do feel like the creator of light when I'm wearing them.

Practical for a variety of applications, yet oddly awesome at the same time.

I might add now that I have become aware of the fact, that I am not the first to think of this idea yet possible the first to make some (nothing special) myself. (edit: missed it, there was a Light golve)

Concrete Keys- 

Embed your key in concrete. The ultimate transformation of a boring key, to a unique unusually ergonomic piece of industrially artistic wonder.

Do you ever get tired of staring at you boring old house keys?

I certainly do, I am even sick of the way they pinch and hurt your fingers while trying to open a stubborn lock.

For a while now I have wanted something different from my keys. Not only an opening experience yet something more.

DC activated finger Module V0.25-

LeD Light Globe- 

The 'ible is to recognise the many years of inefficient yet functional light which they have produced for us.

Many nights I have spent crammed under an old car trying to find a problem.
My only warmth is the cozy glow of my 60w incandescent lead light.

I developed quite a friendship in those gloomy hours.
If I moved an inch, my world be delved into darkness.
My friend was never far behind, his flank a blinding glance of glowing rays.
The darkness is not, while you are by my side my friend.

LeD Circuit T-shirt- 

MaKe a fabric RoBot circuit, to jazz up a boring old t-shirt.
This I'ble will show you how to Craft, an out of date t-shirt and revive it into a spectacular interactive work, surely to amaze all that gaze upon its electronic wonder.

E-textiles seem to be the new "in" thing, when it comes to modding garments in this day and age.

Continue and I shall show you how to create your own work of electrical delight, sprinkled with some fabrictry wonder.

Amaze and amuse your friends as they wonder as to the workings, of your magically lit device.


Beer Can Wi-Fi Extended-
This is a simple device anyone can make, that should improve your reception quality and or strength.

An aluminium can is the basis for the design, therefore making this a very affordable project to try in your spare time... Goodluck!! :)
Reticulating Dog Water Bowl-
Just thought I'd share in case anyone else has a similar problem...

I have a very fussy puppy. She does not like still water in bowls and will refuse to drink from them to the point of dehydration.
She has now worked out that the good fresh water comes from tap's.

This provoked me to build my reticulating water bowl...

Timber PC Case Modification- 

These are some shots of my timber PC case. Took me a few days to make..
Was sick and tired of staring at the old plastic one...
Did the basic inside clean up / led fit out.
Case is made from 3/4 in pine solid board.. With Tasmanian oak trim...
It has a lovely aroma when warm. Several fans and port's have also been added to accommodate for the timber. I have active monitor's and warnings setup "in case" anything goes wrong....